Currency Strength Meter Indicator

Currency Strength Meter Indicator




Currency Strength Meter Indicator


Finding strong trending pairs to trade is always time-consuming and not easy and it’s easy to make a mistake.

If you need help finding trending pairs to trade, please read on.


What is a Currency Strength Meter?

Imagine you could know which currency is moving the strongest at the moment?

Now what if you could also know the weakest currency at the same time?

You would therefore be able to buy the strong one while selling the weak one.  This trade will have the most momentum and highest probability.
Use the MT4 Currency Strength Meter to find trades so you don’t have to search the market for hours looking for the right setup…it makes finding trending pairs a breeze. At a glance, you’ll know what pairs to go look at.
This MT4 Currency Strength Meter is now the most important item in my trading toolbox. 
I rely 100% on using it for determining pairs to look at to potentially trade.
I use the MT4 Currency Strength Meter to find trades even AFTER a big move has taken place.  By using the CSM, you can find the pairs that are still trending strongly but in a pullback… I teach how to find the pullbacks and trade the retracements when the trend resumes.  Using the CSM is indispensable for this.

This means that you could be sleeping when a big trend starts and you’ve missed the best entry.  But hours later, if the trend is still strong but in a pullback, you can use the CSM to find a re-entry.  This makes scalp or day trading possible around the clock.

Using the CSM only takes as little as 3 minutes a day to plan your trades.

Every forex trader needs to learn how to use a Currency Strength Meter…I make it easy!

Here’s a short 2 min intro video with a little info about why we need to learn how to use a Currency Strength Meter:

NOTE:  This short intro video show the Currency Strength Meter on my basic CSM template with other indicators….this $47 purchase does not include the template, it’s only for the CSM indicator.  This is best for traders who already have their own trusted and favorite trading system/template and don’t need or want my template.

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You can download the CSM into all of your own demo and live MT4 accounts and the PDF guide has all your training videos, screenshots and explanations.
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Currency Strength Meter Indicator

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