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For tracking, commission payments, and payment processing, we work with the JVZOO network.

We are giving 50% commissions that pay out every week on Sunday.
If you have 50+ sales of JVZoo forex products, you can have Instant Commissions.

Paypal does require that you always keep $100 in your Paypal account to handle any refunds. We process refunds as they come in and your Paypal needs to be able to handle the refunds.

You will be automatically cookied and paid 50% commissions for the entire sales funnel, the front end which sells for $77, and the upsell, which sells for $97, plus the other upsell/downsell which is the Trader’s Guided Meditation Video, which is also in the sales funnel, and sells for $39.99.



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Simple Neon Breakout by Cynthia of Day Trade Forex | A New Color Coded MT4 Trading System For Successful Forex Trading

The new Simple Neon Breakout MT4 trading system by Cynthia of Day Trade Forex uses her natural trading talents, extensive knowledge and vast trading experience to create a new trading system that is simple to use on all time frames, and is complete with templates fully loaded with color coordinated indicators and alert arrows, to keep you on track.

It’s great for visual traders and effective and powerful enough to help you be among the 5% of traders that actually make profits.

The Simple Neon Breakout is designed to help you see and trade divergence and retracements and will rapidly improve your trading skills and increase your prosperity.

Trading is a decision-making exercise that is no different than any other business. Your best decisions are made when your mind is in a calm, relaxed, and confident state.  Color Coded trading gives you that edge because it relaxes your nervous mind and helps make decisions easy.

Achieving your financial success and freedom through trading has never been easier if you use Cynthia’s newest color coded trading system:   The Simple Neon Breakout System.



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