Cynthia’s Easy Color Trend and Flat System

Cynthia’s Easy Color Trend and Flat System
is one of the easiest MT4 forex trading systems to immediately
at-a-glance recognize the major trend direction.

The red and blue boxes are showing the Daily trend, which is the major trend…
pro traders will only trade in this direction…
especially if trading red news events from the Forex Factory Calendar.

Written for the MT4 trading platform, the box color shows you immediately what the Daily trend is…
and you should only be looking for trade setups trading
in the direction of the box color.

No matter what time frame you’re looking at,
the red or blue box is showing you the Daily trend.
The height of the box also shows you the current range for the day.

Complete with confirming color coded indicators,
when you see all the colors are reddish or bluish in the main window,
you can look at the middle and bottom window for color/volatility confirmations.

The image above shows that in the main window, there are two arrow indicators at work:

the small aqua and magenta arrows are an early reversal alert with sound popup…
the arrows appear after a sharp spike in price and the trend usually reverses 2-4 candles later…
then the large blue or red arrow will appear for a buy or sell alert…

The middle indicator window is the volatility window
and includes Cynthia’s Colored RSI which shows you the relative strength of price action,
with the overbought/oversold levels and 50 rsi being the optimum level for a buy or sell strength.

It’s combined with a volatility indicator that is green for uptrend strength,
red for downtrend strength, and

gray for a flat neutral trend

The next window is also a volatility window and is a

final confirmation of entry or exit when the black signal line crosses the white line.
This is true of any time frame… you can scalp, day trade or swing trade.

Entry is when all colors agree in the upper windows and the black signal line crosses the white line in the bottom window.

To show you how you use the black and white signal line for confirmation of entries and exits,
I manually added a magenta X where the black signal line crosses the white line.

Notice how all the colors agree in the upper windows when the black line crosses the white line.

The very bottom window is a multi-time frame trend indicator….
at a glance you can see the trend for every time frame…
great for trading pullbacks!

I teach you how to do this in a training video in the PDF!

Cynthia’s Easy Color Trend and Flat System
makes trading about as easy as it can get!

Here’s a short introductory video that explains how Cynthia’s Easy Color Trend and Flat System works:

With Cynthia’s Easy Color Trend and Flat System
and the color coded indicators based on volatility
and the colored boxes which show you the major trend direction,
it’s easy to trade in any time frame you like.

Scalp, day trade, swing trade, trade any currency pair,
including gold, silver, bitcoin, oil, stocks and indices….
whatever trading instrument your MT4 broker offers,
you can trade successfully and easily with Cynthia’s Easy Color Trend and Flat System.

Here’s another short video showing you a little more how you can use Cynthia’s Easy Color Trend and Flat System:


The biggest problem of trading is that — it’s almost impossible to reliably identify high-probability trades…

Especially when you’re dealing with the intraday time frames and the associated NOISE & whipsaw.

I remember when I first got started day trading, there was so many false signals and noise…

Most of the time I would get stopped out almost as soon as I entered a position.

So the question is…

How the heck can a trader find a reliable
day trading trend? One that eliminates
most of the noise & false signals.

Cynthia’s color coded boxes and indicators are the answer!

Because the trade setups are easy to identify with color at-a-glance,
the trades are a breeze to get into and out of…
the indicators are non-lagging so you get into the trade at the best possible price…
and then the exit is when the colors change because that means volatility is falling off… and you

exit when the black signal line crosses the solid white line in the bottom window.

This short video shows you how to use all the color coded indicators to spot a buy or sell trade setup in any time frame:

Personally I like day trading… which means I like to use my 3 chart setup of 3 time frames:

Daily to see the major trend
(this is now easy to see at a glance because if the Daily trend is up, the box will be blue…
if the Daily trend is down, the box will be red),
30 min for trend confirmation, and 5 min to enter at the best price.
I teach this method in my PDF. It takes practice but it makes your win rate soar!

One of my favorite indicators is a multi-time frame indicator which shows at-a-glance,
the trend in all time frames… so I don’t have to flip between charts or time frames to look…
it’s all right there in the bottom window of my chart.

I can see if the Weekly, Daily, or H4 is up or down (green or red)…
same for H1, M30, M15, M5, to M1.

This one indicator makes it easy at-a-glance
to decide if my 3 time frame setup is ready for me to trade…
or not.

I can see at-a-glance if the faster time frames are in a pullback…
then I can wait for the pullback to end, which means the colors in the faster lower time frames will change
to match the color of the slower higher time frames… right there in the bottom window…
and then I can place my trade going in the direction of the colored box, which is the Daily trend…
it makes pullback trading much easier and more successful.
In the PDF guide, I teach how to use this indicator for trading pullbacks.

In the screenshots below, I’ve manually added the green vertical lines for a buy entry,
a magenta vertical line for a sell entry,
and the short slanted white lines are where my exit was…
I teach how to mark up your charts like this in a training video in the PDF.
You can use this method as your trading journal.

Here’s a screenshot of the GbpAud in a 4 hour chart for swing trading, the laziest and easiest way for all traders to trade:

Here’s the GbpJpy in a 1 hour chart… it really moves and I can trade it almost any time of the day or nite in a faster chart.

If I can only trade the New York session, and I can’t get up at 3 am or 5 am EST,
I can trade the GbpNzd at 7 am EST in a 15 min chart, going in the direction of the colored box:

There are several pairs I can trade in the Asian/Frankfurt session, the EurNzd is one of them…
this is a lazy H1 chart for 100-200 pips possible:

If I want to stay with my trades and scalp in a 5 min chart, I love trading the GbpJpy,
it moves really quickly and strongly.

You can also set your take profit at 15 pips and let it be a set and forget!

Here’s a scalp GbpJpy in a 5 min chart when I feel like some fast action:

If you like to trade Gold (or Oil), the best time is the New York session in a 15 min chart between 8 am EST to 12 noon:

The DAX is great for European traders in a 15 min chart…
here’s a strategy of staying in a trade as long as the colored box stays the same:

Bitcoin can be really volatile but if you want to trade it in a H1 chart, you’ll be a little bit safer:

Cynthia’s Easy Color Trend and Flat System

What separates an amateur trader from a pro trader?

Few things separate amateur traders from pro traders. And believe it or not, chart reading isn’t part of that.
Also not indicator knowledge or technical analyses skills…

it’s taking the time to record trades in a Journal for review.
This is so important if you want to generate steady income.

Why is that?

Pro traders busy MOST of their time analyzing their trades and their performance:
Learning in what conditions they perform best.
In what circumstances they performed worse.
What instruments work best for them in what periods.
What setups bring most profits and what setups are time wasters.

Most pro traders keep a Trading Journal…
I personally find that boring and tedious and I don’t don’t do it for every trade like I should…
instead, I like to mark up my charts with my entries, exits and the why’s of what I decided to do…
as I place the trade and make the exit.

I’ll show you how to mark up your charts using the tools in the MT4 toolbar, and that can be your Trading Journal.

You’ll be able to go back and look at your charts to see what works best for you, in what conditions.
It will let you know what you should trade and when,
and also it will let you know what you shouldn’t trade and what you MUST avoid!

How else are you going to keep it all straight and learn from your mistakes and successes?!?

What you’ll get when you buy Cynthia’s Easy Color Trend and Flat System:

A one click auto installation program that takes 1 min to download and install

All the indicators are fully loaded onto a template in the one click auto installation program

*  A PDF guide that gives you screenshots and training videos

*  Quick email support

*  Everything is color coordinated and easy to trade – you’ll never get the trend wrong again!

Entries and exits are easy to spot and trade

*  Scalp, day trade or swing trade

*  Perfect for forex newbies or forex veterans (must be proficient with the MT4 platform)

*  Two fully loaded templates, one high contrast light pink and blue, one dark red and blue, see the image below.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the PDF in my training videos:

*   How to mark up your charts like I do using the MT4 toolbar

  How to use the one indicator on your chart to trade retracements (pullbacks)

*   How to set up your 3 time frame charts for your trading style

*   What pairs to trade in the different trading sessions

Cynthia’s Easy Color Trend and Flat System
is going to make your forex trading successful… finally!



There is an optional “Advanced” Easy Color Trend and Flat System
that you’ll be given the opportunity to purchase for a very small extra cost
after you purchase this Basic system.

I highly recommend that you also purchase it because the extra trading tools
will make your trading as easy and semi-automated as possible…
for the small extra price, it would be silly not to pick it up at the same time!
When you watch the videos on the Advanced page, you’ll see why!





Cynthia's Easy Color Trend and Flat MT4 Trading System

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