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Paypal does require that you always keep $100 in your Paypal account to handle any refunds.
We process refunds as they come in and your Paypal needs to be able to handle the refunds.

The sales funnel includes the Basic, Advanced and Xtra Advanced Trend and Flat Trading System,
all of which you will be automatically cookied for in the sales funnel and paid 50% commissions.


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The sales funnel includes the basic Easy Color Trend and Flat Mt4 Trading System, plus the advanced and xtra advanced systems.  Your affiliate link will provide you 50% sales commissions for all products in the funnel.

These are all brand new forex products and you’ll do quite well.  Thanks for being an affiliate!


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Cynthia of Day Trade Forex has just released her latest color coded trend trading MT4 system,
called the Easy Color Trend and Flat MT4 Trading System.

Trading forex has never been so easy!

Cynthia started trading forex in 2002, after trading stock options for 3 years.

Cynthia created her first forex trading system back in 2003 and at the time, and for many years,
it was the most affordable successful forex training available anywhere.
That’s still true today.

Since the development of the MT4 trading platform,
Cynthia has developed her own unique color coded trading systems,
which make trading easy because all the indicators are color coded
and lets the trader make quick easy trading decisions at-a-glance.

She combines color coded indicators with volatility indicators so that trades can quickly come to a profit.

Because her trading systems are based on trend and momentum,
they are evergreen and will always work, in any market.

Trend trading with volatility has and always will be the best way to trade and will never change.

Trading forex has never been so easy! Now it’s so stress-free that it’s actually fun!

Now the trend is easy to see and entries and exits are a breeze!

Visit Cynthia’s website to watch videos about her new and unique color coded MT4 trading system,
the Easy Color Trend and Flat Trading System.


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