Trading in the slow lazy H4 or Daily charts is the way to make the most pips.

But you can use this system to scalp, day trade or swing trade, however you like to trade.

Since we want to catch the breakouts, we trade only when all colors agree and the colored bar in the bottom momentum window has crossed the red zero line.
Exit is when the colored bar in the bottom momentum window has crossed the red zero line in the opposite direction.
If the colors are mixed, it’s a no trade zone for us, since it means consolidation and possible choppiness.

In the pics I’ve manually drawn red sell lines and green buy lines and you can see in the bottom momentum window that the colored bar has crossed the zero line…this shows adequate trend and momentum.

Here’s the GbpJpy H4 chart with my buy and sell entries with the popup arrow alert and the exits… we always trade in the direction of the major trend shown by the slow red or green colored line:

Cynthia's Simple Neon Breakout MT4 Trading System


Entries are easy to see because a big aqua or magenta dot will appear, often with a big aqua or magenta arrow alert, which also has a popup audio alert.

Here’s a short introductory video to show you how the trading system works:

The red or blue dots show where price has stalled and is a potential re-entry point for continuing the trend after a retracement.  It comes with a popup audio alert telling you to look for a buy or sell opportunity.

This trading system makes it easy to see price action, momentum and divergence for trends, pullbacks, and re-entries, to maximize your gains from a strong trend.

If you’d like to see more charts and watch more videos about the Simple Neon Breakout MT4 trading system, please visit this webpage by clicking HERE.


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Cynthia's Simple Neon Breakout MT4 Trading System


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